Friday, February 6, 2015

Mixed-use around the Blue Line extension

In addition to moving people around, the Lynx Blue Line light rail extension is meant to spur development along its path. Some recent rezoning filings show it appears to be reaching that goal.

Carolina States Regional Center is seeking to rezone two parcels along North Tryon Street for transit-oriented, mixed-use development. The first petition was filed in January for 15 acres, while the second was filed Wednesday for an additional 22 acres. (There's a map below of both sites)

"We consider these developments as the gateway to the University City area," said Dandan Liu, with Carolina States.

For the 15-acre site, Liu said Carolina States wants to develop a 350-unit apartment complex. The rezoning hearing is set for March. Plans are still in the works for the 22-acre site, but Liu said the parcels could support 1,000 apartments total.

Both sites are close to the planned light rail, between the Tom Hunter and University City Boulevard stops. The 22-acre site is directly adjacent to a light rail parking garage. When asked how important the light rail is to making the projects work, Liu said: "It is the key."


George Cox said...

Hey Eli- Have you called Greystar yet ? Just wondering....

Ely Portillo said...

Hi George, replied to you the last time you asked - still no rendering. Thanks,

James Harrison said...

Those would be welcomed nice new apartments. We will need the hosing if the growth continues as projected

Ryan said...

I hope we see more updates on these projects soon. University City is in desperate need of quality development along the light rail line. The opening of the line will be a pivotal time in that area's future.