Friday, February 13, 2015

Dirt is moving again at Stonewall and S. Caldwell - what's next?

There's been a lot of buzz about Stonewall Street lately, with Crescent Communities unveiling its plans for Crescent Uptown at Stonewall and South Caldwell streets. The developer is buying vacant, city-owned land across from the NASCAR Hall of Fame for the project - and there's another big city-owned tract on the other corner of the intersection.

This week, construction crews on the land (map below) have been moving the big mound of dirt that's been there since Proffitt Dixon started using the parcel at its construction yard for the Fountains Uptown. That prompted a reader to ask me if a mega-development is in the works for that 3.8-acre parcel as well.

I asked Deputy City Manager Ron Kimble. He said the land hasn't been sold yet, but the city is actively marketing the property and there's been "moderate to heavy interest shown in it lately."

And the recent dirt movement? Kimble said that's normal, because the apartment builders agreed to return the site to its prior (flat) condition once they wrapped up Fountains Uptown. The $40 million project is set to open later this year.

So, nothing to report here yet - but expect this parcel to move before too long.


Cornelia said...

Yep. South Carolina is eating our lunch from an economic development standpoint, and Charlotte builds towers and apartments with no visible pool of occupants. I guess it is good to have blind faith.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of this happening in places like San Francisco/San Jose and Seattle/Bellevue. Young professionals concentrate in the city for the lifestyle and reverse commute to jobs elsewhere. Charlotte/Ft. Mill?