Tuesday, February 10, 2015

291 apartments proposed in Steele Creek

An Atlanta-based developer is seeking to build a 291-unit apartment complex in southwest Charlotte, according to a rezoning petition filed last week.

Buildings on the 17-acre site on West Arrowood Road (map below) would be three stories, according to the paperwork filed by TWO Capital Partners. The land is currently used for houses, with much of it vacant and wooded.

The site plan for the proposed apartment complex shows seven clusters of buildings, a club, poolhouse and a natural area with a water feature.

I couldn't reach Wes Taubel, the TWO Capital Partners executive leading the project, for more details. The petition is set for a public hearing at the City Council zoning meeting in April.

The company is building a 214-unit, high-end complex called Capital Creek in Wake Forest. Click here for a description of the project and a look at what they likely have in mind for Steele Creek.


Anonymous said...

There shouldn't be one more thing developed in Steele Creek until the city/county/NC DOT widens Steele Creek road (Hwy 160). Traffic has been unbearable for years and continues to worsen.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that Brown Grier, not Arrowood? Just what we need, more people and cars without the roads to support them. Great.

Ely Portillo said...

It's technically Arrowood Road Extension, a little spur off W. Arrowood between Arrowood and Brown Grier.

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