Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Dueling spec office towers show off their stuff

Crescent Communities and Portman Holdings are both getting ready to start work this summer on uptown's first spec office towers since the recession. But online, the developers already have websites and videos set up to tout their two towers.

First, Crescent's Tryon Place: The website for this 27-story tower at South Tryon and Stonewall streets is slick and highly produced. It includes a video about place-making and mixed-use development that makes you want to cheer like the end of "Rocky."

The website includes more concrete information about Tryon Place and information about pre-leasing. The tower also has its own Twitter account, but has yet to send a tweet. Same for Pinterest.

(That's Tryon Place on the left there, the blue-green building. Note that 615 S. College does not appear in this rendering.)

Also, don't forget Crescent's plans for a Whole Foods and 440-unit apartment development on Stonewall, at Caldwell Street.

Over at Portman's 615 S. College, the website for the 370,000-square-foot office tower is also pretty slick, with plenty of pretty renderings and what appears to be a video shot by a drone (anyone see one hovering out their window?).

Views: 615 S College Street from PortmanHoldings on Vimeo.

So, which website do you prefer? And - most importantly - which tower do you think will have an edge attracting tenants?


Anonymous said...

Generally (not always) I prefer local talent. Local talent knows the city in a way that far-flung talent cannot. Little is local. Portman, purveyor of elephantine atria all over the world (except Charlotte's Westin, go figure) is based in Atlanta.

But even a cursory review of the two buildings will show that Tryon Place is the far superior, more thoughtful development. My only regret is that it isn't taller.

Anonymous said...

I continue to appreciate your continued coverage on this, and other development happenings in and around CLT! Have there been any developments on "capping" 277, and The Gateway Station? Thanks again Ely!

Anonymous said...

Though, the recent Portman redesign is a big improvement, I think Tryon Place wins hands down... High quality product. I know that it can be scaled to be higher and should be the one that has an edge in attracting tenants.. I'd like to see it reach about 32-35 stories instead of the current 27. Hopefully the hotel component is the long rumored Loew's or W brand.

Ely Portillo said...

Hi Anon 8:25, thanks for reading and commenting. I don't have anything new about those yet, but I'm trying to keep on top of them, and I'll let you know as soon as I know something new.

Travis said...

I love seeing this kind of growth in Charlotte. As others have stated, I wish both building and many others being built in CLT were taller. To have a real impact on the Skyline the buildings need to be at least 33-35 stories... But I get it, its business. I hope that the developments bring more late night restaurants and attract some clothing boutiques and small galleries and such. More local and amazing spots like Soul Gastro in Uptown would be nice. CLT is def going in the right direction. And lastly, I wish developers would be more thoughtful with the design of parking gargages. Cities such as Miami and ATL are beginning to use the garages as places for advertisements and public art. It def gives a more pleasing look to what can be garage eyesores. I am excited about Cahrlotte's future!

Anonymous said...

The benifit that the Portman tower has going for it is that the foundation is already in place so the tower is ready to go vertical without a lot of foundation work. Originally designed to hold a large condo tower when the deck and the Westin were built, Charlotte One was scrapped as the recession hit. Here's what it would have looked like - a much better design than the box that is proposed to go there now: