Friday, February 20, 2015

7th Street Public Market now almost a $3 million enterprise

One of Charlotte Center City Partners' biggest pushes is luring more retail to match the influx of people and office space uptown, and the economic development group is holding up 7th Street Public Market as an example of success.

The market opened in late 2011 opening and is now 100 percent leased, officials said at Center City Partners' meeting Thursday.

Sales grew 40 percent last year, and the multi-merchant market came in just under $3 million worth of sales for all vendors. There are a variety of stores at 7th Street Public Market, from a cheese vendor to a coffee shop to a bar with local beer.

The market is located in a former Reid's grocery store, and funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina, Carolinas Medical Center, Center City Partners and other businesses (full list here).

Here are some other highlights:

  • The market has installed a demo table, with eight classes or demonstrations planned for this month. 
  • There's a community room available to non-profits for free, and potentially for other groups to rent.
  • The market is offering classes in small business capital funding, payroll and marketing, to further its role as a business incubator.
So, what do you think? Are you a 7th Street Public Market fan? Do you think efforts like this are the key to drawing retail back to uptown?


Anonymous said...

Im a fan. Lots of tasty options and good ambiance to want to dine in. As far as helping to draw more retail downtown, there needs to be a concentration of retail space imo. Retail is too fragmented downtown imo.

It would be really neat if Levines 2 ward development next door offered several blocks of retail stores and upscale boutiques.

ScottCLT said...

This market started out a bit slowly and I was only cautiously optimistic that it would succeed when it first opened. But wow, the energy in this place is incredible during lunch on weekdays and pretty much all weekend. Great food options and local vendors! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I was expecting the worst when the earlier store closed. It was a nice place to bring kids to and through when riding the light rail. We visited again a few weeks ago and the space is now better than it was before. Tasty samples. A good vibe.

So Ely, when is a Neiman Marcus or Macy's going in down, I mean, Uptown? A Penney's even. Real cities have a department store. Targets on the fringe or at the end of the line do not count.

BargainHunterX said...

Previous Post: The city experience in the Carolina is Greenville, SC. It was recently recognized as the best of the beaten path for a vacations, it ranked over Down Town LA. I know based on the tone of your post, that you would not consider Greenville, SC a real city, but it has a great atmosphere, plenty of retail and 70+ restaurants. But it is still not Charlotte. The city has a great walkable vibe, and is slowly bringing back major retail, (it once had major department stores in the center city, but with white flight, the stores followed the people to the bulbs, and the banks built walkways to protect workers from the streets. Now plans are underway to bring in more retail, mostly along North Tryon and Stonewall.

As for your assertion that Target is not in uptown, it is., just not in the central business district. The next store will be a wholesale club downstires from Target.

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