Saturday, December 17, 2011

Median home price falls in South Carolina

The median sales price for homes in South Carolina dropped .7 percent to $149,000 in November, South Carolina REALTORS said this week.

New listings for the state fell nearly 10 percent to 6,242. Pending sales rose 10 percent to 3,571.
Inventory levels also shrank, dropping 15.2 percent to around 50,300 units.

Inventory levels have been falling nationwide. Published inventory levels, however, don't take into account homes going through foreclosure, seriously delinquent or owned by lenders but not put up for sale.


Anonymous said...

Basically, all the numbers you would use to determine how well the economy is doing are false.

Unemployment is wrong. Inflation is wrong. Housing is wrong.

The real situation is worse than the gubmint numbers for each of these.

The only people who benefit from these lies are incumbent politicians who always want things to look better than they are.