Monday, August 4, 2014

Ballantyne developer Smoky Bissell's firm marks 50 years in business

The firm that brought you Ballantyne took a pause Monday to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Employees of the Bissell Cos. marked the milestone by giving founder H.C. "Smoky" Bissell a sequoia sapling. Bissell spokeswoman Christina Thigpen explained: "We chose the world's largest tree as a gift, as it reflects Smoky Bissell's inspirational leadership while representing that we are only just beginning." She added that it also gives a nod to the firm's efforts toward sustainable development.

Left to right: Ned Curran, president & CEO; Clifton Coble, president, Bissell Development; Smoky Bissell, chairman; and Margaret Gragg Bissell
The Bissell organization cranked up as H.C. Bissell & Associates on Aug. 3, 1964. It's been a busy 50 years for the firm, which has developed Ballantyne Corporate Park. With office towers and other development still going up in the 535-acre park, and with Ballantyne enjoying explosive residential growth, it looks like the next 50 could be just as busy.