Monday, June 30, 2014

Crescent seeks rezoning for Tryon Street tower project

Crescent Communities hasn't announced a groundbreaking date for its planned 27-story office tower and hotel at Tryon and Stonewall streets uptown, but the city planning documents released Monday show the real estate firm is seeking a rezoning for added flexibility in developing the site.

Crescent seeks to rezone its approximately three-acre parcel from uptown mixed-use district zoning (UMUD) to uptown mixed-use optional. Among the specific options Crescent is seeking:

  • Deviations from signage standards that would allow up to two attached video or LED boards of up to 300 square feet each.
  • Deviations from signage standards that would permit up to 3,000 square feet of wall signage per street frontage, in addition to the video or LED signs.
  • Permission for open fire pits as a permitted amenity in the property's open spacess.
  • Deviations to allow trees in open spaces to be planted in moveable planters.
Whit Duncan, president of Crescent's commercial group, called the rezoning request a standard step in the design process. "But it's an important milestone toward delivering our vision for Tryon Place," he added. "We are focused on creating a development that seamlessly supports the surrounding community and provides a dynamic mixed use environment that contributes to the city and the region." 


Anonymous said...

The customer service from the new management company is awful. The management staff is very rude and does not have a good sense on how to manage the property. It takes over two weeks for a simple service request to get completed. Many times I have had to submit the same maintenance request over and over again. The grounds are fine but the clubhouse is not cleaned regularly. Too bad, all was well, we will be looking to leave.