Friday, May 16, 2014

New restaurant, street-level retail coming to the Square?

A redesign is in the works for the base of  the  Bank of America Plaza tower, which sits at Trade and Tryon streets. Charlotte architectural firm Redline Design Group is seeking city approval for a redesign of the 40-story tower's base to bring in a restaurant and retail tenants. According to city records, the scope of work includes a possible new facade to the building's base, a new lobby, as well as new restaurant and retail entries and seating areas.

Photo courtesy of Trinity Partners
It also involves a redesign of the plaza, which includes city-owned property and the large, coin-shaped bronze sculpture "II Grande Disco" by Arnaldo Pomodoro. The existing fountain in the plaza could be converted to restaurant space. A project description on file with the city also suggests questions about cafe/sidewalk seating and valet parking will need to be addressed by the city's transportation department.

The tower, built in 1974 and renovated in 1992, already offers access to the Overstreet Mall and 20 on-site shops and restaurants. Charlotte Center City Partners and other groups have been calling in recent years for more street-level retail and restaurants in uptown Charlotte.


Anonymous said...

Ain't a real city until you have a department store. Right now Uptown residents have to catch the Free Line out to the end to shop at the Target.

George Cox said...

Shop at Target ? Big Woo on that one.

James Edgar said...

"The existing fountain in the plaza could be converted to restaurant space."

Good grief, that would be one tiny restaurant. That would be Mert's II, a restaurant that needs to be in a space twice the size. The wife & I never go to Mert's anymore because it's imposible to navigate her wheelchair among the tables all crammed up against each other.

The abandoned bank branch, however, would make for a very nice restaurant. A reincarnation of Pizzaria Uno would be nice.