Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Japanese firm opens North American HQ in Charlotte

Yamada Dobby, a Japanese company that makes high-speed metal stamping presses, announced today that it has opened its new North American headquarters in Charlotte. The company, based near Nagoya, Japan, makes precision metal stamping presses for use in manufacturing electrical connectors, lead frames, motor cores and circuit boards.

The Charlotte Chamber said the company is looking to hire skilled mechanical and electrical field service technicians who can travel throughout North America to install and repair presses.

The chamber also announced today that an Austrian company that makes cutting, bending and seaming machines will open its first U.S. subsidiary in Charlotte. WUKO Maschinenbau will lease 2,500 square feet for sales and distribution. The company is starting with three employees and hopes to hire more in the next few years.


ziyaa said...

Thanks for the input. What does everyone think the "going rate" is? Title of this thread should have not said Best but more looking for someone who can just get the job done cleanly at a reasonable price (they also don;t need to be in S. Charlotte that's just where we are...