Monday, November 4, 2013

World of Outlaws dirt track race: Cabarrus County's $8 million mudfest

Who knew there were so many dollars in the dirt?

The World of Outlaws World Finals, called by one public relations rep the "Super Bowl of grassroots dirt track racing," is returning to The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway this week. It's bringing more than 40,000 spectators from Thursday to Saturday and an estimated impact on the local economy of $8 million.
Courtesy CMS/HHP Photo
John Mills, executive vice president of the Cabarrus County Convention and Visitors' Bureau, said the festivities will bring in $5 million in direct visitor spending on hotels, food, transportation and retail stores, and another $3 million in estimated indirect and induced spending.

"It's a great event," Mills said. "It's a pretty big one for us, so we're glad to have it here."

People from all 50 states are coming, along with others from Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Hotels on Bruton Smith Boulevard were filling up late last week, said Scott Cooper, a Charlotte Motor Speedway spokesman. 

Who says the economic development game is just for high-powered corporate CEOs?


Reggie Mantle said...

What's this here? It appears to be a bunch of white people getting together and enjoying themselves.

This does not appear to reflect the levels of diversity in our community.

We will be sending in a task force immediately to ensure all participants have undergone mandatory diversity training.

Anonymous said...


Your racism is showing.

Anonymous said...
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Ron Johnson said...

I love a good race at the track. Do you know where I can find good dirt track racing in Iowa? It's been too long since I've been to a race.