Thursday, October 3, 2013

Charlotte's center city headed for international spotlight

This just in via press release: since "the amazing growth of Charlotte's downtown has drawn both national and international attention," it will be used as a case study next week in New York when urban management experts from around the world get together for the International Downtown Association's World Congress.

The conference will draw nearly 700 downtown and urban district leaders from around the United States, Canada and 11 other countries. They'll talk about the evolution of city centers and share best practices, in addition to hearing from national and international urban affairs experts.

Charlotte Center City Partners President Michael Smith will speak Tuesday during a panel discussion on how cultural partnerships can spur development and revitalize neighborhoods. Charlotte does have something to brag about on that score, judging from the new life the Mint Museum, the Harvey B. Gantt Center and the Knight Theater have breathed into a formerly lifeless stretch of south Tryon Street.


Anonymous said...

I hope this helps Smith and CCCP retire the uptown reference.