Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Updated information on rents at The Edison

An article I wrote last week about a new apartment complex in Plaza Midwood mixed up some important numbers.

The Edison, to be built at Pecan and Commonwealth avenues, will feature 53 apartments that are smaller and less expensive than the city average and cater to renters who like to walk and enjoy the eclectic east Charlotte neighborhood.

Rents on the units will start at $800 per month for a 500-square-feet apartment. A two-bedroom unit with upscale finishes will start around $980 a month.

The project is being developed by Lat Purser & Associates Inc. of Charlotte. The firm, which bought the land a few months ago, is focusing on smaller, in-fill projects.


Anonymous said...

A three bedroom, two bath home of ~1000 SF in neighborhoods just slightly east of Plaza Midwood are in the area of $100K. At today's mortgage rates, that would be les than this rent - for a yard and parking...and quiet nights not beside the bars.

Mary Brown said...

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